But what if you don’t want to go outside?

May 12, 2020

My current project ‘Unseen’, uses conceptual photography to illustrate the struggles with mental welling of a group of 15 people. Since the lockdown started in March I’ve had to adapt my project and work with people that I either live with, or can safely photograph from a distance.

Now that so much has changed it’s made me look at my images from a new perspective. Many of them feel even more poignant inlight of what’s going on. I want to illustrate peoples responses to these strange times, so I’m incorporating this into my overall project.

The image above is one of my favorites so far. The common response to the lockdown is; that people have found it very tough as they struggle with the many restrictions. It was interesting to illustrate the other end of the scale. The resistance that many people feel to leave home and face all the risks that are outside.

I hope that by illustrating peoples responses to this pandemic, it may help those who may be struggling. By translating these feelings through images, the audience can take home a message that mental health difficulties – while often felt beyond articulation, or incomprehensible – are something that can be shared with and appreciated others and need not be experienced in isolation.