Suzie Larke is a visual artist and photographer based in Cardiff, UK.

Her personal work uses conceptual photography to explore themes of identity, emotion, and the human condition. Suzie is interested in representing an internal state rather than capturing a moment in time. She creates images that challenge our notion of reality – combining photographs to present a single untampered image that simultaneously defies logic.

Her project In the Mind’s Eye transformed her own personal experience of depression into something tangible while exploring the interplay between the possible and impossible. Suzie’s aim was to create images that promote a greater understanding of the spectrum of experiences of depression. To challenge the cliché ‘head in hands’ image that is often used to depict depression, to raise awareness and break through stigma.

In the Mind’s Eye was funded by Arts Council Wales, with backing from Mind Cymru, Disability Arts Wales and Time to Change and toured galleries across Wales during 2017 and 2018

Current Project – ‘Unseen’

Her current project Unseen, takes her personal work further by inviting other people to engage in the same process – a collaboration to find a visual language through conceptual photography to help them express their inner experiences in an empowering and engaging way. Suzie is currently working with people who have experienced and overcome a struggle with mental health to depict their experience of struggling with mental wellbeing using fine art photography. The project is supported by Unlimited and funded by Arts Council Wales.

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Mobile: 07780613512

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